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mechelle b

m brown started this conversation
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Elaine of TSA

Peaches, Did you own or rent your dwelling before katrina hit? Were you able to find employment where you are living now?

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m brown

thank you for the information you provided maybe someone will help us eventually.because we need new beds and other house needs.everything we have i got from a secondhand store and it is wornout.and needs to be throwed away.

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Elaine of TSA

Go to katrina aid today page and request a case manager. I have forwarded the link to the state search page. If the United Way of Des Moines is no longer a participating agency, click on the Red Cross link on the page to get a case mgr. to represent you. There is still help available but there is not nor has there ever been a guarantee that all would be restored as it were pre katrina. Life changes all of us and I will pray that wherever you are, that you are able to pick up the pieces and heal from this tragedy. Blessings, Elaine /katrina-survivors.cfm

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